VIRTFac Webinar 1: From static to dynamic manufacturing flow analysis

Time and date: 09/12/2021, 14:00 – 15:30.

Changing markets, global competition and short product-life-cycle force companies to continuously adapt their production systems. The redesign of production systems is a difficult task: interdependencies between production flows, layouts and other domains cause planning activity loops.

The webinar will examine different analysis and simulation approaches and their implementation with interoperable tools.

It is the first webinar of a series of events that take place in the framework of the Interreg research  project VIRTFac. VIRTFac aims at developing a virtual factory platform to make virtual tools accessible to SMEs. A generic solution will be offered to accompany companies at diverse levels of maturity in the transition to industry 4.0.

Programme (replay)

  • Introduction


  • Michael Schlecht (Hochschule Offenburg)
    – Process of Factory (re)design : Static Analysis, Layouting, Simulation


  • Roland De Guio (INSA Strasbourg)
    – Demo 1: Tool for Static Routing Analysis


  • Uwe Günther (Plavis)
    – Demo 2: Layouting in visTABLE

  • Michael Schlecht (HSO)
    – Demo 3: Dynamic Simulation of Material Flow


  • Conclusion, outlook, discussion