VIRTFac Webinar 2 : Digital Twins in the Factory 4.0 (REPLAY)

time and date: 25/01/2022, 16:00 – 17:30.

The application of digital twins in a manufacturing process allows merging the physical and virtual space. This real time replica allows companies to efficiently follow the product along the entire manufacturing process.

Academic and industrial speakers will discuss various application scenarios of digital twins in the context of the industry 4.0.

It is the second webinar of a series of events that take place in the framework of the European research project VIRTFac. VIRTFac aims at developing a virtual factory platform to make virtual tools accessible to SMEs. A generic solution will be offered to accompany companies at diverse levels of maturity in the transition to industry 4.0.


Programme (Replay)

  • Introduction


  • Roland De GUIO (INSA):
    • VIRTFac’s approach to digital twins


  • Fabien MANGIONE (INP Grenoble):
    • Integration of simulation and optimization in a digital twin for production scheduling


  • Eckhard WINTER (Industrie Informatik):
    • Manufacturing Execution System as enabler for Smart Production


  • Johannes Geiger (Industrie Informatik):
    • Digital model factory under ERP and MES aspects at the HS Offenburg

  • Open discussion