The Demonstrator

Demonstrator V1

With the first version of the demonstrator VIRTFac provides its first internal output. Demonstrator 1 is a tool that allows non-simulation experts to analyze their production systems without expertise in modelling and simulation.

Users can provide their production data either in excel sheets or directly link their ERP-systems to the demonstrator. Production data includes the capacities of the shop-floors, the production processes and the order-planning. The demonstrator generates a simulation model onclick and uses simulation to analyze the planning data. After simulation data simulation results are provided to the user. In this way the user can receive KPIs such as planned resource utilization, makespan of production processes and productivity.

So far, the demonstrator is an internal output. This means it is not available for public use. The knowledge received during development will be reused for development of the industrial demonstrator, that will be available for public use in October of 2022.

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